I am so scared for my little sister. She is amazing and beautiful and strong.

But the way my dad treats her I am so scared that she will end up with an eating disorder or worse. I stumbles across her tumblr today and found several reblogged pictures of cutting and now I am beyond scared. It was one thing to think she might head in the way of my other sister with an eating disorder but to even think she might be heading in my direction with cutting scares the hell out of me and I don’t know what to do.

family cutting scared sister eating disorders tumblr

I have been neglecting my tumblr for some time lately, mostly due to the fact my dear sweet cat Oliver ate through my mouse. (Not happy Jan) But also just because I have been lazy and extremely stressed. But more about that later, for now I am simply saying HELLO AGAIN!!!! and it’s good to be back.

tumblr stress cat kitty not happy jan I'm back!!!!